Taking drone design to the next level! A "rollcage" made out of aircraft grade aluminum and swappable arms make sure this frame is here to stay!


A true X-frame that fits up to 5" props. Lightweight but very strong design by using a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum.


Designed for speed. Very light frame and short main body but still able to carry a lipo on top.


Want to fly places that not even a 180 sized quadcopter can do and still be effective on the racetrack? Then the 137 is for you! Designed for 3" propellers its very small and light but equipped with 4S capable components it really does not perform less than a bigger quad.


The Dquad RefleX is an X-shaped frame that has all the good features of the iniMini H and has specifically been designed for all the X-shape-fans out there. The top plate as well as the fpv camera mount have the same interfaces as the iniMini H.

iniMini H

This frame is not only incredibly tough, but it can also be built to be one of the fastest out there.
Its small size (176mm for 4" & 210mm for 5" M2M) makes it perfectly fit for flying at the playground next door.

Who We Are

We are a Dutch company specializing in quadcopter design and production. Having a background in aerospace technology and electronics we can deliver a complete package.

What We Do

  • 3D Quadcopter Design
  • Prototyping quadcopter frame designs
  • Design of Power Distribution Boards

People flying Dquads

  • "Clean to build easy to maintain while being super strong and stiff"

    Timmay, RefleX
  • "I like the design of the refleX and the flight characteristics also - with the included pdb its a well conceived frame and also very solid - its a blast to fly!"

    Rolf Venz, RefleX
  • "Perfect for small areas"

    Pilot 2, iniMini H